Northern Electric, Howard Doseman, President-Owner

Our company was looking for a new VOIP system to replace our traditional landline phone system. We were concerned about switching to VOIP because of call quality, and up-time issues, but then we were introduced to Ken Nifong at Michiana Cloud PBX, LLC. Ken took the time to explain the differences between cloud and landline services, and how a cloud-based system could be setup to help ensure we never miss a call. We decided to move forward with the project, and Ken worked closely with us every step of the way. Ken brought in demo phones for us to try so that we could choose the right phones for our company. He made sure to understand our business, and how we work so that the phone system was tailored to the way we do business, and not the other way around. Ken programmed our phones, provided training, and allowed us to practice on our phones before the cut-over. At the time of cut-over, Ken was at our location to make sure everything went smoothly. Ken Nifong went above and beyond to provided excellent customer service, before, during and after the sale.

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